Culture of Life 1972, commonly called COL1972, is a fashion brand that gives back to organizations that protect life. It is not just a stylish on-line boutique with stylish things, it is a give back company with a passion for sharing the love for life message. The COL1972 Foundation 501c/3 is the charitable arm of COL1972 which donates 100% of profits to the foundation. This fund enables our family business to organize complimentary, yes...FREE,  fashion shows & events for life across the country. The fashion for life brand is committed to partnering with  manufacturers that ally with the companies culture of life values. The brand believes people are empowered when they choose life.

In addition to our COL1972 Foundation , COL1972 directly donates a portion of profits to Life Turning Point, Philadelphia home for women and children. Read about our give back at Life Turning Point, Philadelphia  here.





Our give back company thanks you for using your purchasing power to celebrate all life. Stay well dressed & life obsessed.