This is How You are Helping Culture of Life Fashion Give Back

Many of you know us for our fashion, style, and attitude of bringing a “culture of life” to America. But did you know that a large part of Culture of Life 1972’s mission is helping women and children in need?

Culture of Life Fashion assists crisis pregnancy centers with bottles, diapers, and clothing for hundreds of families. We strategically partner with churches and schools to get students to and from the March for Life in Washington D.C., and we support non-profits and protect and promote a culture of life.

One of our favorite organizations to support is Life Turning Point of Philadelphia. This homeless shelter for women and children was founded in 2019 and serves to provide a comprehensive, Bible-based, life-skills training program for homeless women and children.

The reason we love Life Turning Point so much is because not only do they give women a place to stay, they train them in a Christian lifestyle and send them out with life skills they wouldn’t learn elsewhere.

Not only do we support Life Turning Point, we love sending these women some of our styles to wear. They love supporting a culture of life, and wear them proudly. If you are interested in learning more about Life Turning Point of Philadelphia, read here.

While we are obsessed with fashion here at Culture of Life, we know that the reason we do what we do- the reason we have a commitment to spreading a culture of life- is so that we can not just help these women at this specific shelter, we can help educate women all across America from an early age.

Shop COL and join us in spreading a culture of life across America!