The COL1972 Family


We're Culture of Life 1972, but our Life Tribe calls us COL. Our mission is simple...breathe life into the fashion industry until 100% of fashion brands are life obsessed. And we wouldn't be able to do it without you! Purchases give back to a Philadelphia-based women's and children's crisis shelter as well as life-affirming causes. Stay well dressed & life obsessed.



Culture of Life 1972, commonly called COL1972, is a Philadelphia based fashion brand that gives back to organizations that protect life.  The chosen name honors 1972, the final year when every American child had the right to life. It is not just an online boutique with stylish things, it is a company with a passion for sharing the love for life message. The COL1972 Foundation 501c/3 is the charitable arm of COL1972 which donates 100% of net profits to the foundation. The fashion for life brand is committed to partnering with manufacturers that ally with the companies culture of life values. The brand believes people are empowered when they choose life.

Since the company's inception in 2019:

Pregnancy Centers: The COL1972 Foundation assists with bottles, diapers and clothing for moms and their children. This aids hundreds of families.

Charter Buses: The Foundation strategically partners with local churches, schools and universities to supplement the cost of travel to Culture of Life causes.


National Culture of Life Organizations: The foundation supports non-profits that actively promote and pursue the return to a Culture of Life.


Speaking Engagements: Our CEO travels the nation to speak at universities, clubs, churches and events about the importance of protecting all life and using one's purchasing power for good.

Our brand on a mission thanks you for using your purchasing power to celebrate all life. We dress heroes for life who are spreading the love life message one tee, tank & necklace at a time. What's in your closet?