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Bristol Palin

 Perhaps you were introduced to Bristol when her mom, Sarah, ran for Vice President in 2008.  Maybe you cheered for Bristol as she competed on the reality television show "Dancing with the Stars”.

But did you know that she is a bold culture of life advocate? During her mom’s campaign for Vice President, a 16 year old Bristol learned that she was pregnant. As the entire world watched, Bristol graciously and courageously chose life for her son, Tripp. Bristol has since been blessed with two more children, daughters Sailor and Atlee.
She also comes from a family legacy that chooses life. She is the oldest in a family of five children, with her youngest sibling having the genetic disorder Trisomy 21. Her mom and dad continue to model the beauty of a culture of life.
When our Life Tribe suggested Bristol Palin as our next Global Ambassador, we knew that her inner and outer beauty and tireless passion in her role as "Mom" would make her a LIFEtastic representative for COL1972, the first and only fashion brand that gives all net profits back to Culture of Life Causes.
Bristol is a MOMtrepenuer. She is CEO of Bristol Palin Real Estate in Austin Texas, selling million dollar homes.
Welcome to our Life Tribe, Bristol! We can’t wait to see what LIFEtastic fashion adventures this year brings❤️


2020 - Alex Clark

Alex is a hero for life in the world of pop-culture! She is the sweet & silly host of POPlitics, a daily conservative pop-culture show where she often stands up life and rocks her COL! Follow her on Instagram @realalexclark for lots more COL and Cuteservative content! Be sure to shop Alex's COL1972 Faves!

2019 - Abby Johnson

"I prayed for a clothing brand that gives back to life...not just another pro-life t-shirt company, but a fashion brand. COL1972 is the answer to my prayers. My signature piece is their rhinestone 1972 pin."

Abby is one of the most prominent life advocates in America. Her book Unplanned tells how she transformed from a Planned Parenthood Director to a pro-life activist. She is also a mom of eight! Shop Abby's COL1972 Faves now!


Dr. Gina Loudon
Mom of 5, President of RAV-TV, COL1972 Affiliate
Dr. Gina Loudon - Mom of 5, President of RAV-TV
"I love pointing the world back to 1972 and the last year that America was Prolife. I shop with my heard earned money at COL1972 and support life with every purchase! My fave is the 1972 pins. I have all 4 of them and never leave home without them!"
Elisa Steele
Wife, Mom, Podcast Host, Social Media Influencer, COL1972 Affiliate
"I first discovered COL1972 about a month after they, two and a half years later, I love each new collection more than the last!"
Charlie Kirk
Founder and President of Turning Point USA
Ashely Bratcher
"I never look or feel better than when I am wearing LIFE!"
Kevin and Sam Sorbo
Penny Nance
President and CEO of Concerned Women of America
"Proud to support this American-made, pro-life brand that is working to restore a culture of life in America! My favorites are the anything faux chic and comfortable."
India Paulina
3X Arnold Classic Body Builder Champion
 My Pillow Founder Mike Lindell, Conservative Babes Elisa Steele and so many more!