Style Your Tee for SPRING!!

Tee-Shirts: One of the most versatile pieces of clothing! As Spring approaches, many of us will haul out our boxes of tees: From old-high school tee-shirts, graphic tees to more stylish V-neck and vintage pieces.

Looking for some fresh new tee-shirts? Culture of Life Fashion has you covered.

Last week we gave you some advice on how to style your sweatshirt. Now, here are a few ways to style your tee-shirt:

The Classic Jeans-and-a-Tee: Everyone knows this style! Looking for any easy outfit? Throw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and maybe a cute pair of combat boots and you’re ready to go! Culture of Life’s Fearless Vintage T is perfect for this look. Don't forget to grab the new Beverly Hills Tote on your way out!


Tee-Shirt with a Skirt: This look is a little trickier, but grab the Basic Culture of Life 1972 T-Shirt and you’ll have no problem. Tuck this basic, classy tee-shirt into a patterned skirt, such as the US Made Cheetah Satin Midi Skirt and you’re set to go for a casual dinner or night on the town. Since summer is approaching and the sun is staying out longer, you can't go wrong with a pair of sunglasses as well.


Leggings and a Tee: Grab a tee-shirt that pops for this style! The 1972 Rainbow T-Shirt works perfectly. You’re ready for anything from a cozy night in to a wild night of bowling and roller skating!

Layered Tee: One of my favorite looks consists of a base of a tee-shirt and jeans paired with whatever you’re feeling: From layering a turtleneck underneath to a chain necklace on top, or even throwing on a denim jacket for some extra spice, this style allows you to let your true fashion sense shine!

Culture of Life Fashion has a variety of tee-shirts to choose from as we spring into this new season of fashion; make sure to check out all our options here!