Styling Your Sweatshirt!

It’s not quite spring, but we sure are getting close! During this strange time of fluctuating temperatures and weather, it’s important to have versatile clothing options!

The newly released 1972 sweatshirt is perfect for this! 

Leather Jacket Layering:

My personal favorite way to wear a sweatshirt is to layer on a leather jacket over it! Not only do I love this style because I live in the Midwest and it adds extra warmth, but it gives an otherwise very casual outfit a more sophisticated look.

Jean Skirt and Converse Combo:

If it’s almost spring and the temperatures are rising but you still want a layer of warmth, this is for you! Wear your sweatshirt over a cute jean skirt to keep your arms warm while adding a bit of style. Converse never hurt any outfit, either!


Cozy Night in:

Going to a girls night in? Want to spend the night watching movies with some friends? Wear your 1972 sweatshirt to spark conversation. No matter where you go or who you are with, it’s always a good time to talk about life!

Distressed Jeans Style:

Lastly, throw your sweatshirt over some distressed jeans (loose-fitting medium wash are my personal favorite). You’ll be ready to hit the town with your culture of life clothing to spread a message of hope and freedom!

There are so many ways to style a simple sweatshirt, and it’s even more fun when that sweatshirt has meaning! Shop all our favorites from size S-5XL! Purchase your 1972 sweatshirt before we run out and use this fashion statement for good: to promote a culture of life in our society that so desperately needs it!