Battle of the Brands: Culture of Life vs. Culture of Death in a Post-Roe America

Roe is gone, but here at Culture of Life Fashion we are more committed than ever to stand up for life in the fashion world where many brands proudly and loudly support death. Millions of dollars are given to the abortion industry annually from the fashion community, and many are giving even more funds to help their employees choose death for their unborn children since June 24th and the overturning of Roe.

Companies like Levi's and Amazon are gifting up to $4,000 to cover abortion expenses when employees choose death for their unborn. Will these companies also gift $4,000 to employees for adoption and fertility treatments?

COL1972 has researched and compiled an updated list of brands that are not supporting life but actively supporting a culture of death in the fashion and business realm. Please do not support these companies and help win the fashion world for life! 

Please shop COL1972 for gifts, back to school, and the latest clothing styles. Please share with friends and family that COL1972 is the only trademarked clothing brand that proudly defends and gives back to the pro-life community.

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BE AWARE: The following companies do not support a culture of life. Since the overturning of Roe, they have amplified their support of abortion services. Please do not shop at any of the below companies!

1. Abercrombie

2. Adidas

3. Amazon

4. CVS

5. Dick’s Sporting Goods

6. Disney

7. Elf

8. Estee Lauder

9. Fabletic

10. Gap

11. Gucci

12. H&M

13. Kenneth Cole

14. Levi Strauss

15. Love Shack Fancy

16. Lululemon

17. Macy’s

18. Nike

19. Nordstrom

20. Pacsun

21. Parade

22. Patagonia

23. Sephora

24. Target

25. Under Armour

26. Vici Dolls

27. Victoria’s Secret

28. Walgreen’s

29. Walmart

Check out our blog post from March 7 of additional clothing brands that actively support abortion.

Our nation has won a major victory on the Supreme Court front, but now we are in a battle for hearts and minds and one of the forefronts is the fashion industry. Now is the time when we need you, Life Tribe, to stand up and support and promote what you believe in. Let's build a culture of life in America together!

Stay well dressed & life obsessed.