Lights, Camera, FASHION!!

Lights, camera, FASHION!!
Our most anticipated event of the year: The Culture of Life Fashion Show at Liberty University!!
Last week, the entire Culture of Life Fashion team traveled to Lynchburg, Virginia for our most anticipated event of the year: our annual fashion show!
This year, we partnered with Liberty University’s Freedom Center to have not only a fashion show but a gala afterwards.
Beautiful women and men glowing with a love of life and a will to promote respect for life strutted across stage, met and greeted college students there, and answered media inquiries.
Besides featuring our gorgeous spring styles, we were excited to have American Women Beauty and CB Jewelry sponsor our fashion show. We are obsessed with partnering with like-minded brands!
We were featured in the Epoch Times regarding Governor Desantis’ visit to Liberty, attended Those Other Girls Tea Party the next day, and so much more! This year we had over 600 attendees- our largest turnout yet- of college students on fire to spread the message of life through the battleground of fashion!
Keep an eye out for the styles worn on the stage a few weeks ago- our spring launch is our favorite EVER and we can't wait for you to flaunt these trendy styles wherever you are located.
Be sure to tag @col1972 official so we can re-share and post your favorite summer styles.