Life Tribe Etiquette

Etiquette is in again?? Here at Culture of Life, we don’t think it ever left!

In a day and age where sweat suits are acceptable high school apparel and couples are going on dates in t-shirts and shorts, we think the question is long overdue: how do we as women dress and act the part? How do we emphasize our femininity and dignity, our beauty in being a child of God, in the way we behave?

Here are a few etiquette tips to exercise while wearing Culture of Life Fashion!

  1. Say “Please” and “Thank You”: Although this may be the most obvious rule of etiquette, responding to people with a smile on your face while wearing Culture of Life Fashion makes our styles even more glamorous!
  2. Dab your mouth before you drink: You’re at a cute little Sunday brunch with your cute little girlfriends and you take a bite of your bagel. You start engaging in conversation and then realize you would like to take a drink of your coffee. Wait!! Dab your mouth gently with your napkin so that you don’t get bagel crumbs in your coffee. Then, go right back to your conversation!
  3. State your name on the phone: Our Life Tribe gals are busy bees! Whether it’s answering a work phone call or talking to a family member, be sure to answer the phone with your name, and ask to whom you are speaking.
  4. Remove your sunglasses and earbuds to speak to someone: Our COL sunglasses are such a hit, and some of our life tribe members wear them everywhere! However, when speaking to someone remember to remove both your sunglasses and your earbuds to give your listener your full attention. We celebrate life, and celebrate the uniqueness and importance of every individual we are speaking to!
  5. Never show up empty-handed: Whether you’re headed to an evening gathering or an early morning breakfast at your friend’s house, always remember to bring something to contribute! Slide some cookies in the oven or bring a bottle of fresh orange juice. It shows that you are both hospitable and generous! Don't want to bring food? How about bringing a sweet 1972 necklace with our beautiful packaging as a hostess gift?
  6. Always be the best dressed girl in the room: Are you unsure of the dress code of an event? It is always best to err on the side of caution by dressing up rather than dressing down for the occasion. Check out our dresses that are perfect for all occasions.
  7. Never overexpose: At COL1972 we have a motto, "Leave room for the imagination." This means that we want people to notice us and our individual beauty... not all of our exposed skin! Here are a few rules: One, if you are wearing a fitted top, pair this with wide leg pants, and vice versa. When wearing fitted bottoms, they should be paired with lose fitting tops. Two, are you wearing a crop top and showing your midriff? This should be paired with a midi or maxi skirt not a mini. To wear two short pieces together is breaking the overexposed rule book and is considered poor dressing etiquette.

Now we want to hear YOUR ideas on the best forms of etiquette. What do you find works best? What have you noticed that this generation is lacking? Here at Culture of Life Fashion we are well-rounded women who want people to see our identity if in Christ in the way that we dress, and behave, and proper etiquette is such an extremely important part of this! Stay well dressed & life obsessed.