Leaked Supreme Court Draft Opinion: COL1972 Responds!

BREAKING NEWS!!! In a leaked opinion draft written by Justice Samuel Alito, it appears that the Supreme Court has ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey! Are you wondering what that means? Allow us to explain!

Two Supreme Court cases are the main legal support for abortion laws in our nation. The first is Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion across the nation in 1973. The second is Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), in which the Supreme Court ruled that there can be no "undue burden" or "substantial obstacle in the path of a woman seeking an abortion before the fetus attains viability." In summary, these two laws created a constitutional right to pre-viability abortions in the United States

Fast forward to last year, when Mississippi passed a law which banned abortion after 15 weeks. The state was sued by the Jackson Women's Health Organization, who claimed that the new law violates Roe and Casey, creating the Dobbs v. Jackson case that the Supreme Court heard on December 1, 2021. This case creates the opportunity for the Supreme Court to overturn both Roe and Casey. Yesterday, May 2, in an unprecedented turn of events, the majority opinion was leaked, which reveals that the Supreme Court has decided to OVERTURN both Roe and Casey! Unfortunately, it may not be cause for celebration just yet...

COL1972 rallying for life at the Supreme Court on 12/1/21.

Due to the fact that this was an opinion draft and not the official decision, it is still possible that some of the Justices could change their minds and Roe and Casey will be upheld. There have already been several protests at the Supreme Court and threats of violence against our pro-life justices. This situation reminds us of Matthew 27, in which Pontius Pilate succumbed to the mob of violent protests and allowed Jesus to be crucified, even though Pilate knew Jesus was innocent. Our family is praying that, unlike Pontius Pilate, our Supreme Court would stand firm on their decision, regardless of the steps that will be taken to try and change their minds.

Regardless of what happens at the Supreme Court or what protests erupt across the nation, our mission at COL remains the same...and we are more passionate than ever about restoring a culture of life. At COL1972, we believe that the only way to truly win for life is to win the culture war. The law and Supreme Court rulings are incredibly important, but they do NOT necessarily determine a cultural change, especially on such a controversial issue. The law can say something totally different than what people actually believe and how people actually act. Roe and Casey could be upheld, but if people’s hearts and minds are changed then culture will change and abortion will be unthinkable. On the other hand, Roe and Casey could be overturned but the majority of people in our nation could support abortion, states could individually legalize abortion, and in practice not much would change even though national law has changed.

This means that our job at COL is more important than ever. If the Court changes their mind, we will continue in our mission of fighting to restore a culture of life. If the Court stands firm and Roe and Casey truly are overturned, then the pro-abortion movement is going to be working harder than ever to win the culture, which is heavily influenced by the fashion industry. It will be more important than ever to shop your pro-life values and spread the true message of the pro-life movement. Will you join us?

Read Justice Alito's draft opinion here.