Inspirational Moments in Fashion

Inspiration makes life worth living. It broadens our horizons, motivates us, and redirects our thoughts. COL1972 wishes to inspire a passion to protect life in the fashion industry and this is why we march each year at the National March for Life. COL1972 is the only trademarked fashion brand that represents life in our designs, logos and messaging. Our limited edition hot pink Culture of Life 1972 Coat is our most recent style inspo. It is evident that our customers are inspired by our quality and original design as it is almost sold out. Better grab yours! When did you last inspire somebody?

Those who inspire can also excite, which is a feeling that we wish to trigger in the fashion world regarding life. This has been our goal since the very beginning. We want to empower our customers for love of life and fashion. Our motto "well dressed & life obsessed" is our guide. At the March for Life this year hundreds wore our high fashion beanies which we sell each winter.



COL1972 marches with our customers every January and we directly communicate with you. Your wishes and feedback have a direct influence on how we create and design for COL1972. Your ideas for life and fashion propels us forward each time we meet. Many of our graphic tee designs were inspired by you! 


Many of you were praying from home and marching with us virtually. We felt your presence as we marched. Your purchases and support were being worn on many of the students surrounding us. COL1972 would love to hear what inspires you in the fashion world for life. Contact us via our website.