New Year's Fashion Resolutions

Happy New Year Life Tribe,

What is your New Year’s Resolution? Some of the most popular resolutions each year are to get in shape or to declutter and organize our homes. However, most of us fail at keeping our resolutions because they aren’t much fun! This year, let’s try something new and pick a Fashion Resolution!

As we ring in the New Year we couldn't help but think of our resolutions for 2022 - only shopping brands that support Godly values & promotes a culture of life! We encourage you to take on the resolution with us. Of course it is hard to decide on a resolution without knowing how to follow through, but this one is easy. If you are joining us in shopping only Godly and life conscious brands, then you don't need to look any further. COL1972 is the leading pro-life fashion brand. That's right - shopping COL1972 not only supports a small family business, but it supports a culture of life! All COL1972 net profits are donated to local crisis pregnancy centers and life-affirming organizations. COL1972 clothing opens doors for us to promote a culture of life we otherwise would not be able to.

This means that a USA made cardigan can help buy an expectant mother a car seat for her  child.

A USA made sweatshirt saves a frightened mother from ending her pregnancy.

A keychain helps find childcare for a single mother who chose life.

Best Seller Beanie with matching Eternity Scarf

Hundreds of these popular pro-life beanies will be worn at this year's March for Life. Sherpa lined beanie with matching eternity scarf is a stylish way to stand for life.

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Shopping only brands that support Godly values can be a tall task, and that is why we exist. We decided to create COL1972 fashion so people like us would be able to shop brands that share our values. That is why we are here, and that is why we actively support and promote a culture of life. Happy New Year!