For the Mothers...

A tribute to the mothers in our lives: the women who gave us everything.

"Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also praises her." Proverbs 31:28 NIV

We see the world around us degrading women on all fronts, but there is no more degraded woman in our culture than the mother. Labeled “birthing persons” this year by those wishing to destroy the feminine beauty of childbirth, women are told that they are giving up their futures by becoming mothers when that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Here at Culture of Life Fashion we know that, and we’ve spoken to so many women who will attest that becoming a mother was the most beautiful, empowering, rewarding, and challenging undertaking in their entire life.

However, while a lot of women have the support of family and friends, some women don’t. Those are the women who need our help, and this is where Culture of Life Fashion comes in.

If you didn’t already know, Culture of Life Fashion has a charitable arm- COL 1972 Foundation- that gives back 100% of net profits to organizations that support life. Supporting crisis pregnancy centers is crucial because these are the places that will directly help women to become mothers! These are the organizations that provide women in need with formula, diapers, education- anything they could need to become a mother AND be successful.

This Mother’s Day, thank your mother for the incredible gift of life she gave you. Consider thanking her with a specially made shirt from COL Fashion, such as our Loving the Mom Life Tee-Shirt, or our Mom Life is the Best Life Tee-Shirt.

Is there a woman in your life who is pregnant? Maybe get her a little something too! Our Beauty and the Bump Tee-Shirt highlights the wonder and joy of carrying a child in your womb. Our long peach tulle skirts are bump-friendly and a gorgeous, stylish gift for any pregnant woman in your life! Check out our bump-friendly collection.

Whatever you decide, remember to thank all the mothers in your life for giving their children the greatest gift of all: the gift of LIFE!