Party Like It's 1972

January is designated as the Sanctity of Human Life month. COL1972 fashion styles are inspired by every life. Young. Old. Healthy. Sick. Born. Unborn. Our core belief is that life is always in style and is totally glamorous. Our LIFEfluencers feel confident wearing our brand as we use manufacturers who support our cause that every life matters. Our styles are consciously designed with every fiber. This is just the beginning.

This season of life, COL1972 continues to add bling, vegan leather, loungewear, bags and accessories  that empower the wearer as well as our mission. We are continuing lots of our fan faves, also.

Most importantly stylish is that the COL1972 Foundation uses profits from the brand to inspire change that our Life Tribe wishes to see in the world. This month we donated 600 red beanies to students who love life, in addition to strategically partnering with life celebrations for Sanctity of Life month.

Yes, our following is huge in the USA but also we  have fashionistas for life in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia and France.  

Our product is carried in 10 boutiques across the country and we have over 200 affiliates loyal to the mission of COL1972. 

"Clothing with a conscience just feels better on one's body. It sends a glam vibe to the style world that we are the O.G. for life. We are serious about our purchasing power and what we wear. Fashion is a part of our soul...and we only want to feed our soul goodness."

-COL1972 Chief Designer Carla

This month we have COL1972 LIFEfluencers marching, rallying and sharing for life across all 50 States. Our logo "1972" is being tweeted, snapped, posted #COL1972 #FashionForLife in mass volume and it is beautiful.

Please take a moment to remember those who cannot fight for themselves. And be sure to celebrate fashion for life on all social media. Save 15% off entire site until January 31 in honor of life. Party like it's 1972!