Dressing with Purpose

While some of us have trickled back to the office, many of us are staying home, and with this new work-from home reality, it appears we have forgotten how to dress. This lack of expectation to dress with purpose or leave our homes, has left many wandering our homes and beyond looking disheveled and unkept. 

Sure, many of us wore pajama bottoms while wearing crisp white shirts for zoom meetings during the pandemic, but those days have left us craving comfort over purpose when dressing. This pandemic style of dress has left many not just comfortable but giving the appearance of sloppy and messy. Culture of Life Clothing understands that comfort is king these days and we offer hundreds of comfy styles on our site. But being comfy need not to appear sloppy with an appearance of "we just don't care."

What we wear and how we present ourselves matters greatly. This lesson was taught to me by my mother at an early age. My mother still models dressing with purpose even on days that she is busy in the home and only socializing with my father.

My earliest memories of learning to dress on purpose was my mother laying out my Sunday School clothes. I adored the frilly dresses, tights and little black shoes that were laid on my bed each Sunday morning by my mother.  Holidays like Easter and Christmas, were exciting for me to dress as often I matched my mom in attire. How I loved matching my mom on these special occasions. A  tradition of "mommy & me" dressing that I continued when I had three daughters. Here is a photo of me, Vittoria, Bella & Gigi on a wintry stroll in NYC. Another photo, we are wearing matching Christmas Skirts.


Upon returning home from church, my mom would instruct me (and my brothers) to take off our Sunday clothes and put our play clothes. Our play clothes were jeans and sneakers. Monday - Friday brought new purpose to my dress as my mom instructed me to dress in school clothes. School attire was not as fancy as Sunday School but it was more purposeful than our play clothes. I loved my corduroy pants and matching sweaters that I wore in the 1970's to school. 

Growing up in my home, my clothing literally told me what I was doing and even where I was going! Purpose in my dress was taught to me by my mom. I have taught this lesson to my daughters. It is wonderful to see my daughters dressing with purpose in their Culture of Life clothing for a day in class, brunch with their friends or Sunday services. As my daughters are maturing, they do not require my guidance with dress.  But I do enjoy when one of my daughters will occasionally ask,   "Mom, is this dress fancy enough for brunch?" or "Do you think these earrings look good with this dress?" My answer is always "Yes, a perfect choice!" This is the goal! That our daughters dress with purpose and perhaps our dress even tells you a little about who we are as women.

Clothing, style and dress has always interested me. Thanks Mom!

Dressing with purpose starts our day with purpose. Even a day at home should be filled with purpose and a plan. Don't choose that stale tee and crumpled up joggers left on the floor. Instead choose a purposeful Culture of Life tee with a pair of our comfy joggers or jeans and allow your dress to remind you to pray for a Culture of Life in your State! 

I hope you dress with purpose and choose Culture of Life as we have a variety of styles for church, school and play! You can dress on purpose for all occasions and feel extra purposeful knowing that Culture of Life clothing supports life - families in crisis.