Culture of Life Fashion Guide to a JOYFUL Easter Season!

Step 1: Choose something that makes you feel like a daughter of The King (AKA the Risen Christ!): Don’t forget that our SPRING collection drops on APRIL 1st! This is drop is less than a week away and it will be filled with beautiful, fashionable new spring styles. While you’re waiting for it to drop, shop some of our Easter drop styles such as the Love Life Easter Tee or the Rise Up Stackable Cross Rings.

Step 2: Wear it to one of your many Easter (or pre-Easter) celebrations: Here at Culture of Life Fashion, we don’t just celebrate Easter Sunday; we have many celebrations with friends and family! The week before Easter is the Palm Sunday service. This is a great day to wear bright and beautiful colors and celebrate the joy of the people as Jesus rode into Jerusalem. Sing “Hosanna, Hosanna,” along with the crowd in your favorite Culture of Life dress! During the solemn Holy Week, grab a cross accent stone bracelet or cross hoop earrings to wear to remind you of Jesus’ intense love for you and all of humanity: love enough to die on a cross. And of course, on Easter Sunday, pick your brightest, most colorful Culture of Life dress to wear to Easter sunrise service and rejoice because Christ is RISEN!

Step 3: Share it on your social media to spread a culture of joy and life: The impact that one positive, joyful, life-centered post can have on social media is so often underestimated! Whenever you wear a Culture of Life Fashion piece, post something like, “Loving life” or “Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!” and tag @col1972official on your Instagram. You never know whose heart that will touch.

And… don’t forget to watch for our SPRING COLLECTION to drop on APRIL 1st! Happy shopping!