Real Women Wear PINK!

Here at Culture of Life Fashion, we proudly enable women to embrace their femininity and live as women in every sense of the word! We wear pink proudly, wear multiple hats and understand simple biology.

“He created them male and female, and blessed them and called them Mankind on the day they were created.” -Genesis 5:2

God is the ultimate designer of perfection, and here at COL1972 we understand His design for male and female. It is with this celebration of His design for humanity that we get inspiration for our beautiful, fashionably designed COL1972 clothing!

 We design for women who proudly identify as wives, mothers, sisters, leaders, glass ceiling breakers, faith ignitors, prayer warriors. Women of ALL ethnicities and backgrounds who are united in one thing: our love for Christ.

Just as we encourage our glam tribe for life to show their true womanhood through curated collections and beautiful outfits, our ladies are attracted to real men. I’m not interested in a man whose jeans are skinnier than mine: thank you, next!!

Empowered women embrace strong men, and real men are attracted to real women. We ladies here at Culture of Life Fashion are attracted to strong men with work ethic, goals, motivation, and a desire to protect women. We, in turn, as ladies will behave as such, dress as such, and speak as such!

God is the greatest designer there is, and this is why here at COL1972 we understand the miracle of our design and work day and night to create designs our tribe is proud to wear.

 Just as we love being fashionistas and are proud of our flirty, feminine looks, it appalls and offends us when we see a man dressing as a woman. One of our life tribe recently explained, 

"I feel offended when I see a man parading around in a dress, high heels and lipstick...are they mocking women? Are they mocking my femininity? Do these biological men really think that they can identify with me as a biological woman? Do they know what it is like to miscarry a child? eat healthy in preparation for carrying a child for 9 months? the joys of going to to the bathroom in a girl pack and spilling the tea?"

This describes our feelings perfectly; we feel degraded and belittled as women!

This degradation became so much more eye-opening and apparent with the recent famous lines of Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson. When asked if she could define a woman, Jackson replied, 

“No, I can’t. I’m not a biologist.”

This stirred up outrage from women across the country. She couldn’t define a women because she was not a biologist? What a level of relativism our country had to get to in order for something as simple as 2nd grade biology to suddenly become undefinable.

Here at Culture of Life Fashion, we are celebrating simple biology by designing clothing that is feminine. Our color choices and styles applaud women being women and men being men. We are proclaiming that we CAN define a woman. We can define sexes. We know that there are only two sexes. And we are PROUD of being women and all it entails.

Life Tribe: OWN your femininity! Be a fashionista, and be proud of it! Flaunt your flirty dresses, strut around town with a fashionable tote on your arm, grasp your chic clutch, and slay the day!