St. Patrick's Day: Blessed or Lucky?

It’s hard to believe that St. Patrick’s Day is less than three weeks away! As I sip my *green* matcha latte while wearing my 1972 Clover Vintage Tee, I think it’s so important for all of us to remember: What is St. Patrick’s Day?

Sure, in the Chicagoland area St. Patrick’s Day comes with dying the river green, green beer, green jewelry, shamrock shakes… one could go on! But why do we celebrate this day? As Christians, we remember that St. Patrick's Day traces back to the person St. Patrick:

Around 400 A.D., Patrick was abducted from his village and thrown onto a slave ship headed for Ireland. 

He spent six years tending his master's flocks on the slopes of the Slemish Mountain. Patrick recounts his time as a slave in his memoir entitled The Confession. He later escaped his slave owners and returned to his family. The miracle of Patrick's life is that he obeyed God's call to return to Ireland and bring the message of Christ's grace to those that had abducted him as a young boy. 

St. Patrick’s life was laser-focused on one thing: bringing Christ to those who don’t know him. We as pro-lifers, and we as Christians, are also focused on a mission: to turn America back to a culture of life. Maybe we don’t do this in the form of returning to our persecutors as St. Patrick did, maybe we won’t go to jail for our beliefs as he also did, but we surely will be persecuted for our beliefs.

To wear Culture of Life’s clothing, you must be brave, and you must be willing to face persecution for the sake of truth. Culture of Life’s fashion brand doesn’t hide under pretenses, our fashion brand boldly states “1972.” When we are wearing a necklace with that year, or a sweatshirt, or maybe one of the new fannypacks or waterbottles that have just been released, let’s remember St. Patrick’s bravery and explain it to whoever asks what it means.

“Why does your necklace say 1972?” one might ask. To which we should respond, “My necklace says 1972 because 1972 was the last year that America experienced a Culture of Life. In 1973, Roe v. Wade- the case that legalized abortion throughout America- was decided. I choose to stand up for every child's right to life, and I know that the fashion industry is such an important place to do this in.”

So when you make green eggs and ham with your family this St. Patrick's Day, or when you brush on some green eyeshadow to go out with friends, remember that this is a day for celebration, yes, but it is also a day to redouble our efforts to change the culture in America, just as St. Patrick worked to change the culture in Ireland, into a culture of life.

To go along with your green delicacies, we at Culture of Life Fashion have an entire "St. Patrick's Day Styles" collection!


Whether you wear some beautiful green earrings for a formal dinner or this stylish cactus t-shirt dress for a day in the city, shop Culture of Life and help us create a culture of life again in America! And remember... "luck" is irrelevant when we are so blessed to have the opportunity to spread this joyful culture