Celebrate Life with Fashion

Hey Life Tribe,

Every January is Sanctity of Life month. As always, COL1972 fashion brand attends the annual March for Life. COL1972 was founded to be a clothing brand that stands for life, and this year we are continuing our annual Buy a Beanie Gift a Beanie! 

In years past we have given away hundreds of beanies, due to your purchases and gifting! Thank you!

Our beanies are seen by millions via pro-life podcasts and interviews we are blessed to do at these annual events.

This year we designed LIMITED EDITION hot pink coats that will be worn by our COL1972 family and models plus Abby Johnson, alex Clark and Isabel Brown. You can purchase your limited hot pink coat on our website! Our limited edition coats sell out quickly each winter! 


prolife merch, valentine's day gift, pink coat, COL1972 clothing

Represent COL1972 at the March for Life by wearing your COL1972 necklaces & pins!

We look forward to seeing you all at the 2022 March for Life. Look for our Pink Wave of coats and March with us!