Back to School with Culture of Life!

Back to school season is upon us! The buzz of picking out a new backpack, making sure your child has enough clothes, and checking supplies off the list has begun!

Here at Culture of Life, the start of a new school year gives us such hope: these children are our future- they are the future of the pro-life movement, and we want them to be well-equip to live out their pro-life beliefs in a fashionable way at school, church, activities, and wherever the year might find them!

Here are some of our favorite back to school styles…


Black Classic Backpack: This is a unisex staple, and an enormous conversation starter for your child to take with him all day long! “What is culture of life?” his friend might ask, to which he can respond in a joyful, loving way that we want to restore America to protecting and respecting all life, and that we can all be a part of this movement!

Life is Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain Crew Neck Sweatshirt: While her other friends come back with their “Outer Banks” and “Miami” sweatshirts from their exciting vacation, your little girl is going to go to school with something much more meaningful: a sweatshirt with a simple statement that says a lot: “Life is beautiful. Let’s protect it!”

1972 Biker Shorts: Every kid needs a pair of shorts for their gym days, and what more subtle but meaningful way to bring the pro-life movement to school then to include a tiny “1972” on the hem of the shorts? It’s bound to bring up questions about the significance of this year, and you can teach your child that 1972 was the last year of a culture of life in America, and now in 2022 we have a chance for a culture of life once again!

1972/2022 Ring: The last year of a culture of Life in America, and the first year we have the chance to change our culture into a culture of life again! A bit of glam for your girl to wear to school that is coupled with a beautiful meaning. The perfect bit of beauty to add to any back-to-school fit!

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