A Girl's Guide to Tea (From Your Very Own Life Tribe Girls!!)

A flowy dress, light makeup, and a classy clutch- you’re headed out the door to an afternoon tea with your girlfriends and you realize you forgot something…

That’s right! You left your 1972 necklace in your jewelry box. You rush to grab it, clasp it on quickly and start the drive to this beautiful tea shop.

As you enter, you breathe in the minty fresh smell mixed with citrus and cinnamon- it’s time for a tea party!

If you’re reading this and thinking,

That’s cute, but tea parties are for little girls


We beg to differ. Here at Culture of Life Fashion we absolutely adore anything and everything that goes in to hosting a tea party. In fact, we just attended a beautifully hosted tea party- hosted by Those Other Girls Podcast- a few weeks ago and want to give you a short guide to “Tea Party Etiquette:”


1. Pick a FIT!! Culture of Life Fashion has plenty of classy, timeless pieces you can choose from. Some of our favorites to wear to tea are the flirty pink midi dress and the searsucker smocked maxi dress. This solid maxi skirt with pockets is a more comfortable choice, and the orange satin criss cross dress is a bit more formal.

2. Hold your teacup by the handle, not the base of the cup. This may take a bit of practice because we are used to grasping our cup in our society. Instead of grasping, make sure your finger and thumb meet through the handle and keep your fingers from curling through the handle itself.

3. Never swirl your tea! If you’re mixing the milk into your tea, use the tea spoon to gently mix it a few times in a clockwise position.

4. Don’t ever blow on your tea!! Let it cool down on its own. This is polite and much more classy.

5. Small sips and tiny bites: a lady knows not to rush. Slow down, engage in conversation, and enjoy the afternoon!

Femininity is a gift that only us as women have, and outwardly feminine activities- such as attending tea parties- are beautiful way to express our inward love of femininity. Let us know if you attend a tea party any time soon and share your favorite Culture of Life dress to wear to it!


P.S. We hosted a "Cuteservatives" Tea Party a few years back... watch the highlights here!