6 Ways to Share COL1972 with Your Family & Friends

Life Tribe,

Like our family, you are probably a fan of supporting fashion that supports your core values. In the three years since we launched our fashion for life brand, thousands, just like you, support COL1972 fashion because we support and celebrate life. We all feel healthy and beautiful wearing styles that help to protect life. If you love our brand and mission, please help spread the word to others in this new year.

Here are a few ways you can help.

1. Forward your COL1972 weekly emails to family and friends.

2. Purchase gifts for family and friends from COL1972 that are thoughtful and meaningful. This helps promote and create awareness that we are a new brand with a mission.

3.Talk about our brand with family and friends. In a time when people are looking for trusted brands that support their core values, a recommendation from someone they trust can go a long way.

4. FREE COL1972 stickers are included in all orders so that you can stick on your computers, books and back of phones. Be loud and proud about a Culture of Life and the year 1972.

5. When you discover you do not need your COL1972 styles, sell them on POSHMARK as many others are already doing.

6. Tell friends and family to subscribe to our emails and texts so they can stay stylish for life.

"COL1972 is a great fashion brand. Many of their items are made in the USA. The price and quantity is excellent. I check their website weekly for new sales and products. I love that I can be a part of the pro-life movement by simply purchasing and wearing fashion. And when I gift anything COL, people love it."

- Chloe Babbitt