5 Trendy Ways to Style Graphic Tees!

Hey Life Tribe, 

How many of us get stuck never really wearing that cute graphic tee you bought and loved so much simply because you don't know how to style it? Probably more of us than you would think. I'm here to take your graphic tee game from shabby to chic!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to style graphic tees...

Style tip 1: 

One of the most popular ways to style a graphic tee lately, is by pairing it with a tennis skirt. Tennis skirts are super trendy and very functional. Whether it be to actually go play tennis, or to run errands and look bomb while doing it, tennis skirts got you. Just tuck that tee into the front of the skirt, throw on your favorite sneakers and some gold jewelry and you'll be right on trend. 

One of my favorite tees to do this with is our "Way Maker" tee. This tee is super cute and comfortable and comes in a beautiful oatmeal color that pairs really nicely with a white tennis skirt. 

Style tip 2: 

Next we have the classic white mini skirt trick. Just pair a super cute graphic, such as our "COL1972 Signature" tee, with a white mini skirt. Tuck the shirt in, add a belt, some statement earrings, and some super cute sandals!

Style tip 3: 

Another super cute and trendy way to wear a graphic tee is with a pair of bellbottoms (stay tuned we might have some in the Fall 😉). Just pair our asphalt "Breathing Life Into Fashion" graphic (or your favorite COL tee) with a pair of white bellbottoms 😉, a cute felt wide rim hat, and a pair of booties and you have yourself a classic look (especially for the Fall). 

Style tip 4: 

My fourth tip is to pair an oversized tee (such as our "Tie dye Lips" tee in L or XL) over some leather leggings and again add some gold jewelry and a pair of cute booties. The leather pants will add some interest and texture to your graphic tee and will elevate the look more than just plain leggings would. The leather will also dress up the t-shirt and make it look super trendy. 

Style tip 5: 

There are many ways to style graphic tees but this is the last I'm going to talk about and probably the most classic way... The good ole t-shirt and sweatpants look. Now bear with me it wont look like you just rolled out of bed if you do it right. pair our "Life is Always in Style" tee with a pair of neutral sweats and a pair of white sneakers for the base. Now to style it... tie that shirt up in the front put on some gold necklaces and earrings, maybe a gold watch and slick your hair back into a claw clip and you'll have a stylish yet classy yet comfy look for a chiller day! 

Next time you debate wearing that graphic tee that just sits in your drawer, pull it out and give the tips a try!