A Personal Interview with the COL1972 Co-Founder

It all began in 2018…

One mother and her daughters identified a lack in the fashion industry and were determined to fill that hole. Culture of Life Fashion founder and CEO explains that, “In 2019, we identified that there were millions of dollars being dumped into the pro-abortion industry by the fashion industry.”

This may not be a surprise to many of you who have been involved in the Pro-Life Movement for a while, but to Carla it was extremely disheartening.

“I’m a mom of three daughters, and we love fashion,” she explains. However, she also explains that, “We just have always been a family that has “girl-cotted” because we know that our hard-earned dollars come from God and we don’t want to turn them over to people who are anti-God.” It had come to a point when Carla’s family had to “girl-cott” almost every single brand they loved! “40 brands, now 80 brands 3 ½ years later that give back to the abortion industry.”

So, they decided to take a stand: Culture of Life Fashion’s hit piece the 1972 necklace was their first statement piece. This piece, designed to take after celebrities’ “1973” necklaces that were going viral at that time, was a hit with young girls and women across the country. From there, the brand took off, designing everything from t-shirts to stunning dresses, patriotic and resort wear.

But here’s the real question: how did this affect Carla’s family? Did her daughters agree with her starting this brand, or is it a constant source of tension in their household?

When I asked Carla this question, she explained that it was easy! Culture of Life Fashion encompasses two of her daughters' favorite things: life and fashion. Growing up, she would take her daughter to crisis pregnancy centers, so they were already immersed in the Pro-Life Movement, and combining fashion with this passion for life all just made them even more eager to get involved!

Carla has taught her daughters, “A voice of truth, and a voice of logic. This has really just given them a platform to use that voice of truth and logic.”

Not only did she teach them to use this voice, she has taught them to live it out in a large way. Culture of Life is truly promoting an aspect of the Pro-Life Movement that many of us have felt was missing for years: Chastity.

“This has been a year that we have been hitting Chastity hard… I’ve been bringing up in all of my interviews that I want to talk about Chastity. COL is doing blogs about chastity, we’re talking about chastity.”

Along with Chastity, comes Modesty. Though not all of modesty has to do with the way one dresses, it plays a large role. “This brand, Culture of Life Fashion, has given them [her daughters] an opportunity to exercise modesty in a very fashionable way.”

Carla explains that, “If we lived in a culture of Chastity, we wouldn’t need to abort babies.” This is a bold statement, but she backs up her claim by saying that abortion ultimately stems from the Sexual Revolution, promiscuity, and a lack of self control. If people were once again able to reign in their passions in our society, we would have so many less unplanned pregnancies.

This USA family business really does put it's money where their mouth is. Since the brands launch in 2019, $40,000 dollars in product has been donated to youth groups, University and High School students, women's shelters, crisis pregnancy centers and non-profit silent auctions. The clothing company also sponsors events like the March for Life and other Culture of Life causes. This is made possible because of their "Life Tribe's" support and purchases. 

Now, Culture of Life Fashion has had the privilege and blessing to work with influencers like Abby Johnson, Alex Clark, Dr. Gina, Sam Sorbo, Hallmark Actress Alexa Panevega and so many more. They had their 10th fashion show at Liberty University just a few months ago and are expanding at an exponential rate, but with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which direction is Culture of Life Fashion going?

Carla explains it very simply: “Our mission at COL has never been to change public policy, or change the laws. Our mission at COL Fashion Brand has always been to change the hearts and minds of the pop culture. Of the fashion industry. No matter if abortion is legal in your state or not, the hearts will be changed to want to protect lives from the moment of conception.”

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Carla also emphasizes how important it is to remember the year 1972- the last year of a culture of life in America- and now 2022- the beginning of a culture of life again in America.

So, get involved! Purchase some cute outfits from this fashionable brand and spread your love for life through the way you act, dress, and live!