Guiding Star at the Shores Bingo Night


Thank you for supporting Guiding Star at the Shores and playing Bingo for a Cause!

Proceeds go to a nonprofit that provides wholistic, women-centric healthcare.

Grab your beverage of choice, get cozy on your couch, have pennies or markers for your Bingo Cards and get ready to win $800 of COL1972 items.

Once you purchase your Bingo cards, your personalized links for printing off 2 Bingo Cards with the meeting ID for playing Bingo will be sent to your email. We will play 7 games together. The 7th is a black out game.

When: Tuesday, June 2 7:30pm - 9pm ET

Who: Guiding Star at the Shores Life Tribe

If you can't make Bingo, you can still shop online with free shipping June 2-3rd with code: GS30 and we are giving back 30% of all sales to Guiding Star at the Shores.


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