A Well-Placed Bow. Our Prettiest Fall Trend.

Hey Life Tribe,

A well-placed bow is often the finishing touch to our collection. Think Audrey Hepburn! We love this iconic, feminine and fun embellishment. We place bows on our signature dresses, pants, pins and even purses. A tiny bow becomes a sweet touch to our sunnies. A large bow on our classic dresses adds contemporary statement and appeal. Placement and proportion of the bow is key on each unique COL1972 fashion piece. 

"I love that a well-placed bow can be fun and inviting but elegant also. They can even create a bit of drama." - Carla CEO COL1972


Tying the bow. No need to worry! If you can tie your shoes, you can master a pretty bow sash at your waist, neckline or even from behind (our personal favorite as it adds an element of surprise.)  One of the most important things when getting started is to make sure that the ends of both sash match up evenly. Likewise, make sure that the middle of the sash is where you want the final bow to appear. Got it? Now the fun begins. We love a flouncy big bow..think Texas BIG! 

More of a traditionalist? We love the classic appearance of our pencil skirt with red bow accent. This red skirt has seriously stolen our hearts. The addition of the bow creates a richness to this fashion for life piece which is also available in black.

Newest autumn trend is a bow at the ankle of comfy loungewear or genie pants. This small addition of the bow is as functional as it is chic. Voila! An instant upgrade awaits.

Always & Forever: Our greatest fashion secrets are to remember that Life is always in style & be bold and be beautiful for Life.