How to Style FAUX Leather: Do's & Don'ts

Hey Life Tribe,

Everyone is wild for faux leather this season. With the arrival of COVID, we have a new normal for fashion. We tend to be more relaxed at dinner parties, brunch and at the office. In the past, faux leather was styled with plaid flannel or more leather. This season, we suggest pairing with a chunky sweater, graphic tee or blazer. Here are our tips on how to style faux leather leggings and skirts for most any situation and advice on what not to wear.

Our  faux leather leggings are a bold move, and not one that can be worn anywhere with anything. One false move and you can look like Sandy in the movie "Grease." This is not the look we desire. Let's focus on how you can you can wear your leggings today and make a big statement for life.

Brunch anyone? This is a classic way to style faux leather leggings paired with booties and a sweater. Choose a conservative sweater to compliment the look of the leggings. Pair with '1972' jewelry that is not loud and does not compete with the look of the contemporary outfit.

Office Attire! Yes..Please. If you work in a creative office environment, you can get away with leather leggings. The key is to ensure that your rear is adequately covered. Look for boy-friend-type blazers  to cover this area without the bulky look but rather adds a professional touch. Pair with a loafer or if your office is  more casual, replace the loafer with a trendy sneaker. COL1972 classic necklaces compliment this classic look.

Stylish Pencil Skirts! We are obsessed with these looks. Why? Versatility! Our COL1972 high waisted faux leather pencil skirt can be paired with fashion sneakers and sweatshirt tucked in the front for a street chic look.  Why not pair this stylish skirt with booties and statement tee for a night out or with a classic button down and kitten heels for the office. The style potential and opportunities are endless for this pencil skirt.


What Not To Wear with Your Faux Leather

* Don't pair your leather bottoms with a leather jacket unless you do desire the 'Sandy' from Grease or "Leather Tuscadero' from Happy Days look.

* Don't pair the shine of your leather bottoms with sparkle like sequin tops or satin. It is just too much shine, rather choose cotton textures. You do not want to appear as if you are the entertainment at a Vegas Club.

*Don't where overpowering jewelry. Less is really more when you are wearing leather on the bottom. Choose delicate accent pieces to compliment.

Always & Forever: Our greatest fashion secrets are to remember that Life is always in style & be bold and be beautiful for Life.