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By Nate Madden, March 6, 2019

People are working to spread the pro-life message through cultural media like music, movies, and poetry, but what about fashion? One homeschooling Philadelphia-area mom has that front covered.

Carla D'Addesi and her daughters have always had a passion for shopping. "It's our cardio," she joked to me about their retail habits. But when they realized that so many of their favorite clothing lines were kicking back proceeds to organizations that didn't share their views, they decided to stop buying in and start their own fashion line.

"We felt very marginalized by the fashion industry," Carla told me at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference last week. "There were a lot of brands that were anti-American or they were giving our dollars to organizations like Planned Parenthood that went against our core principles."

The relationship between the fashion world and the pro-abortion movement isn't a secret. In 2017, 43 fashion designers lined up to help out Planned Parenthood during New York Fashion Week.

Conservative corporate activism watchdog 2ndVote keeps a running list of companies that have either donated to Planned Parenthood or have given to third parties that do. That list includes several famous brands such as Converse, Dockers, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and Old Navy. And if you want to support America's largest abortion provider more directly, there are several smaller brands that are more vocal about their pro-abortion stance.


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